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Abdelkrim Aoudia
2019-06-17 17:35:18
ICTP Advanced Workshop on Earthquake Fault Mechanics: Theory,
Simulations and Observations

Trieste, 2-14 September 2019,

deadline for application: 27 June 2019

Organisers: Jean Paul Ampuero, Abdelkrim Aoudia

Co-sponsors: IUGG, Generali, Regione FVG

There is no registration fee.

The school will focus on earthquake dynamics covering theory,
simulations and observations also highlighting the most important areas
where significant progress has been achieved recently. The programme
will involve a series of lectures, seminars, discussions, practical and
computer exercises.


* Theoretical earthquake dynamics
* Computational earthquake dynamics
* Earthquake cycle modeling
* Connecting earthquake models to observations
* Kinematic earthquake source inversion
* Dynamic source inversion
* Rupture imaging
* Applications and recent progress

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