Thread: AGU Session S018: Geophysical Monitoring for Geologic Storage of CO2

Started: 2019-07-01 16:30:57
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Please consider to submit an abstract to the following 2019 AGU Fall Meeting session:

S018: Geophysical Monitoring for Geologic Storage of CO2

Session Description:
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) continues to be studied as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change using geologic storage of CO2. Ongoing worldwide large-scale projects for geologic CO2 storage and/or utilization pose many scientific questions linking academic and industrial research. Geophysical monitoring using such as time-lapse active seismic, passive seismic, ERT, gravity, potential field, InSAR, etc, plays a crucial role in monitoring CO2 injection and subsurface migration, and in ensuring safe long-term storage. We solicit abstracts on experimental, computational, lab and field-scale studies of geophysical monitoring for geologic CO2 storage, particularly on field-scale demonstration projects.

Abstract submission deadline: Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Conveners: Lianjie Huang, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tom Daley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Xianjin Yang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Michel Verliac, TOTAL S. A.

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