Thread: interdisciplinary AGU session: S040 - Using observables to infer mantle physical state"

Started: 2019-07-02 20:54:53
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Dear Colleages,

We hope you will consider our multidisiciplinary AGU session: “S040 - Using observables to infer mantle physical state"

As data quantity and quality increase, and methods to analyze it become increasingly sophisticated, a deep understanding of the mapping between geophysical and other model outputs, such as velocity, to physical state values, such as temperature, becomes necessary. However, uncertainty in the model outputs as well as the underlying physics creates challenges in using data to directly address questions relating to Earth processes. In this session, we welcome contributions from seismology, geophysics, petrology, and geochemistry that use observeables to infer the temperature, composition, flow, fabric, and melting state of the lithospheric and asthenospheric mantle, as well as methodological advances to this mapping

We hope you will consider submitting an abstract (deadline July 31, 2019).

Best regards,

Derek Schutt
Saskia Goes
Richard Aster

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