Thread: AGU Fall Meeting 2019 - Session: Seismic Moment Tensors and Crustal Stress Fields: Methods of Analysis and Contributions to Geodynamic Modeling

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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention and invite you to submit an abstract to the session:

Seismic Moment Tensors and Crustal Stress Fields: Methods of Analysis and Contributions to Geodynamic Modeling,
Session ID: 78313 - Section: Seismology

Session description:
Seismic moment tensors are fundamental to study the relationship between earthquakes, seismic faults and active tectonics, and several waveform modeling methods allow to estimate them through different approaches and at different scales. Moment tensors are also basic data to evaluate active stress fields, whose spatial distribution and temporal variation provide major insights into earthquake mechanics, tectonic loading, and local/regional seismotectonic settings.
This session aims to evaluate the state-of-art of methods used for moment tensor estimate, seismic waveform modeling and stress inversion, and to provide an overview of their application at various scales and in different tectonic settings. Contributions by these methods to geodynamic modeling, based on joint use of different kinds of geophysical and geological data, are particularly welcome. The debate is expected to suggest future directions both for theoretical and observational studies.

Debora Presti – University of Messina, Italy – dpresti<at>
Sebastiano D’Amico – University of Malta- sebastiano.damico<at>
Ioannis Kassaras - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece - kassaras<at>
Barbara Orecchio - University of Messina, Italy – orecchio<at>

Abstract submission is open at the conference website
Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday, 31 July at 23:59 EDT.
We apologize for cross-postings.
We are looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Debora, Sebastiano, Ioannis and Barbara
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