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Scott Paterson
2019-07-05 19:24:02
Dear colleagues, Another AGU session to consider.
Magmatic Sedimentology: a Critical Appraisal of Crystal Re-distribution in Plutons
Conveners: Marian Holness (Cambridge), Scott Paterson (University Southern California), Katie Ardill (University Southern California), Charlotte Gordon (Cambridge)
Confirmed Invited Speakers:
George Bergantz: Forces, friction and fabric: microstructural controls on common plutonic fabrics
Roberto Weinberg: Crystal - melt separation in magmas: the field evidence
Many plutons preserve magmatic structures that bear a geometric resemblance to those in sedimentary rocks. Examples include mineral grading in layering apparently formed by hydrodynamical sorting, trough-like structures with local truncations consistent with erosion and re-deposition, fluid escape and loading structures, and fabrics defined by preferred grain orientations.
We know little about the scale and mechanisms of crystal re-distribution during convection and magmatic flow in igneous bodies despite this playing a vital role in magmatic evolution. Solving the problem requires an understanding of the fluid dynamical behaviour of cohesive, particle-rich, high-viscosity systems undergoing solidification with or without an externally-imposed stress. A critical part of the solution will involve the development of robust proxies to decode the record of crystal re-distribution in now fully-solidified plutonic rocks. We welcome contributions from field, laboratory and theoretical studies of mass transport in solidifying magmatic systems, from layered mafic intrusions to granitoids.

Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2019 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT.
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