Thread: AGU Fall Meeting 2019 Session: "Caldera-Rift Systems and New Insights into Basaltic Volcano Dynamics"

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Dear colleagues,

We invite abstract submissions to our 2019 AGU Fall Meeting session *V009:
Caldera-Rift Systems and New Insights into Basaltic Volcano Dynamics*. We
welcome contributions from a variety of disciplines and on a range of
basaltic volcanic systems. Please see below for additional details about
the session.

*Invited Speakers*:
Donald Swanson (USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory), Thorbjorg Agustsdottir
(Iceland GeoSurvey)

*Session Summary*:
Recent observations of coupled rift intrusions/eruptions and summit
collapses at basaltic volcanoes offer new opportunities to improve
understanding of caldera formation, summit-rift magmatic connections, flank
instability, lava lake dynamics, and the petrologic fingerprints of
magmatic ascent, storage, and mixing. At the same time, monitoring data
have improved the scientific community's ability to issue hazard forecasts
during eruptions. This session invites contributions that provide insights
into basaltic caldera-rift systems across all disciplines, utilizing
geological (field-based, petrological, geochemical) and geophysical
observations, as well as experimental and theoretical models. Drawing on
observations of commonalities between caldera collapses at Kilauea,
Bárdarbunga, Piton de la Fournaise, and elsewhere, we particularly invite
studies that draw on interdisciplinary observations to understand the
architecture of magmatic systems and physical processes during rift
intrusions/eruptions and caldera collapses, and/or those that detail the
use of real-time data in hazard management.

*Session Conveners*:
Kyle Anderson (USGS), Christina Neal (USGS), Freysteinn Sigmundsson
(University of Iceland), Rebecca deGraffenried (University of Hawaii at

*Link for Abstract Submission*:

Thanks for your consideration!
Rebecca, Freysteinn, Tina, and Kyle

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