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Ballmer, Maxim
2019-07-10 08:16:10
Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit your abstracts to this cross-disciplinary session on mantle transition zone

DI017 - Thermochemical Nature of the Mantle Transition Zone

The mantle transition zone acts as a gatekeeper of heat and material exchange between the upper and lower mantle. The unique thermochemical nature of the region surrounding the mantle transition zone is manifested by observed seismic anomalies, major and trace element composition of xenoliths and ultradeep diamonds, kinks in the melting curves of volatile-rich rocks, and phase transitions of peridotites and eclogites. A combination of these factors can impede material transfer between the upper and the lower mantle with significant consequences for the global thermal and volatile cycles.

This session invites submissions from a broad range of studies of the transition zone, including, but not limited to: seismic observation of regional or global anomalies; petrological studies ; mineral and rock physics studies; geochemical evidence of volatile/trace element exchange; geodynamic simulations of mantle transition zones; and natural observations from mantle xenoliths.

You can submit your abstract at the following link

Invited speakers: Rajdeep Dasgupta (Rice University), Lauren Waszek (Australian National University)

Conveners: Saswata Hier-Majumder (Royal Holloway University of London), Catherine Rychert (University of Southampton), Maxim Ballmer (University College London), Michael Walter (Carnegie Institution for Science)

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