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Wendy Bohon
2019-07-11 10:25:36
Please consider submitting an abstract to session *PA014 - Contentious
communication from the classroom to the chatroom: how to have productive
conversations about emotionally charged topics*

Some of the most challenging topics facing the world today are also the
most contentious. It is critical that scientists have the ability to
communicate clearly and effectively about potentially polarizing issues to
a diverse audience that includes students, lawmakers and the public. The
growing body of science communication research can guide us in
communicating contentious topics more effectively, making credible
scientific information more accessible and relevant to different audiences
by recognizing and ideally resonating with their core values and
assumptions. It is also important to utilize the expertise of those
experienced at successfully navigating and guiding these conversations to
highlight best practices using a “tried and true” methodology.

This session will explore the dynamics, research and best practices of
communicating contentious topics, with implications for better learning
outcomes in classrooms, more scientifically-based policy decisions, and
greater appeal to diverse audiences.

To submit -

Deadline is July 31st

Please email bohon<at>, jsamuel<at> or bartel<at>
with any questions.

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