Thread: AGU session T043 - Role of sediments on the dynamics of active convergent margins

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Dear colleagues,

We are writing to you to encourage you to submit your research to the
following AGU session in San Francisco: *T043 - Role of sediments on the
dynamics of active convergent margins*


The deadline for abstract submission is *31 July 2019*, 23:59 EDT!


Advancing our knowledge of fault behavior and associated seismic hazards
at active convergent margins hinges on the thermal structure and the
hydrogeology of the system, where sedimentation and sediment recycling
are known to exert a strong control. For example, sediments insulate the
incoming crust (thermally but also hydrologically) and transport fluids
that contribute to over-pressure generation at the plate interface and
possibly within the accretionary prism. We invite offshore and onshore
studies based on geophysical, geochemical and structural data as well as
numerical and analog modelling that highlight the role of sediments in
subduction processes, including along-strike variations in the
mechanical and thermal properties at the plate interface, and their
influence on seismicity, fault behavior and deformation. A special focus
is given to accretionary margins with extreme sediment input, such as
the Andaman, Cascadia, Nankai, Hellenic, Hikurangi, Indo-Burman, and
Makran active convergent margins. This session may be considered for a
Panel format.

Invited speakers:Nathan Bangs (University of Texas) and Kelin Wang
(Pacific Geoscience Centre)

Conveners:Céline Grall, Anne Bécel, Samer Naif (Lamont-Doherty Earth
Observatory) and Marianne Conin (Université de Lorraine).

Do not hesitate to forward to your colleagues!

Hope to see you there !

Céline Grall, PhD
Research Associate Scientist
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

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