Thread: DI007 - “Exploring Mars with InSight: First Year Results”

Started: 2019-07-23 22:12:06
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Panning, Mark P (3223)
2019-07-23 22:12:06
Hello all,

Please consider submitting your AGU abstract to session DI007 (the James Bond of deep interior sessions) “Exploring Mars with InSight: First Year Results”

Direct link to session:

This session is open to people inside and outside of the mission and will have invited presentations from the mission PI, Bruce Banerdt and seismic instrument PI, Philippe Lognonné. The first few months of data is already out there on the IRIS DMC, and other relevant work is encouraged.

From the description:
This multi-disciplinary session will gather together results welcoming all research, whether part of the mission team or not. Results from all InSight-related efforts, including the seismic instrumentation, pressure, wind and magnetic sensors, radiometer and heat flow probe, cameras, and radio science are encouraged. Further, we encourage laboratory or theoretical investigations that aid in the interpretation of mission data. Studies related to the high-level goals of the mission to constrain the Martian interior, as well as those illuminating other areas such as surface geology, atmospheric processes and future mission design are encouraged.

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