Thread: AGU session T041: Physics Based Modeling of the Earthquake Cycle. Do Observations Matter?

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If your work relates to earthquake cycles and rupture from data (geology,
geodesy or seismology), modeling or hazard perspective please consider
submitting an abstract to this interdisciplinary session at the American
Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.
Abstracts are due in one week (July 31).

*T041 - Physics Based Modeling of the Earthquake Cycle. Do Observations
During the last decades, our ability to document recent earthquake ruptures
using field-based and remotely sensed observations has significantly
increased both in quality and quantity, providing an increasingly detailed
view of complex earthquake rupture patterns and earthquake cycles. At the
same time, our capacity to construct ever more sophisticated (and often
physically realistic) numerical models of earthquake ruptures and
earthquake sequences has boomed. Hence, paradigms are shifting and a new
vision of the earthquake cycle is emerging, which incorporates complex data
to better reproduce and understand earthquake rupture processes.
In this session we welcome contributions presenting new data that improve
our understanding of earthquake rupture and cycle, from seismology, geodesy
and earthquake geology, as well as results from numerical simulations to
gain insight into more realistic physics-based earthquake rupture and cycle

*Confirmed invited presenters:* Ylona van Dinther, Christopher DuRoss

Yann Klinger (IPGP)
Ryan Gold (USGS)
Alice-Agnes Gabriel (LMU Munich)

Dr. Alice-Agnes Gabriel
Geophysics, LMU Munich

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