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Vedran Lekic
2019-07-30 12:17:12
Dear Colleagues,

As you consider which AGU session to submit your abstract, you may get
overwhelmed by the myriad individual session announcements. To help, your
Fall Meeting DI Co-Chairs have compiled the list of the exciting DI
sessions on offer this year, grouped by topic area.

Happy Abstracting,

--Ved and Colin

*Centennial *(submitting an abstract to this session does not count against
the limit of 1 invited + 1 submitted abstract per first author)

- DI018: Understanding Global Dynamics of the Earth's Mantle: a
Multi-Disciplinary Endeavor


- DI002: Assessing the Robustness of Models of Earth’s Deep Mantle and
- DI004: Coupling the deep mantle and core: reconciliation of
observations, experiments and numerical modeling
- DI008: Exploring the Earth's core: a multidisciplinary approach

*Interior boundaries and mantle domains *

- DI001: A deep dive into lowermost mantle processes
- DI009: Exploring the Origin, Evolution and Implications of Lithosphere
and Upper Mantle Heterogeneities
- DI011: Mantle dynamics and seismic anisotropy: Observations, models,
and experiments
- DI012: Petrological and Thermal Structure of the Mantle from the
Transition Zone to the CMB: Causes and Consequences of Phase Transitions
- DI013 and DI014: Structure and Evolution of the Oceanic Lithosphere
and Mantle: Observations (DI013) and Modeling (DI014)
- DI016: The Geodynamics of Cratons
- DI017: Thermochemical Nature of the Mantle Transition Zone

*Whole Earth *

- DI006: Exploration of the multi-scale problems in the Earth’s interior
- DI010: Heterogeneity in the Earth: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
from Imaging, Modeling, Geochemistry and Experiments

*Volatiles *

- DI005: Deep volatile cycle in Earth and terrestrial planets and its
influences on mantle and surface processes
- DI015: Synthesizing Deep Carbon Science

*Beyond Earth*

- DI003: Beyond Earth and Earth-like: The Diversity and Evolution of
- DI007: Exploring Mars with InSight: First-year Results

*Vedran Leki**ć*
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Assoc. Prof. Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Scientific Computation
University of Maryland, College Park
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