Thread: Rapid Response to Geohazards Mini-Workshop, Oct 8, Portland, OR

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Those interested in receiving travel support to attend the Geohazards mini-workshop should get their applications in by the end of this week. We will be confirming travel support with applicants beginning next week.

As part of IRIS' Rapid Response to Geohazards Initiative (, we are pleased to announce a mini-workshop to be held on Tuesday, October 8, from 12-5pm, adjacent to the SAGE/GAGE workshop (Oct 9-11th).

Registration for this mini-workshop is now open, including limited travel support, and can be found by visiting this page >>

As part of the current NSF SAGE award, IRIS is fortunate to have funding to purchase a new pool of instrumentation specifically dedicated to PI use for rapidly responding to a variety of geohazards. The mini-workshop this fall will provide the community an opportunity to learn more about current geohazards research and to provide input to IRIS on the kinds of instrumentation needed to effectively respond to and study future geohazard events. The mini-workshop is open to all members of the community (academia, government, instrument vendors, etc.) who would like to learn about and contribute to a future geohazard response capability.

In addition, IRIS will be hosting several webinars over the next few months to highlight both geohazard responses our community has mobilized in the past, as well as potential future responses. Even if you cannot attend the mini-workshop, we invite your participation in the webinars as another avenue for you make your voice heard. Info about the webinars will be distributed via IRIS bulkmail, and will also be posted to the Rapid Response to Geohazards initiative page

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to provide input on a new community instrument pool dedicated to rapid response to geohazard events!


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