Thread: announcing evalresp v5.0 release

Started: 2019-08-26 17:08:24
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Robert Casey
2019-08-26 17:08:24

IRIS Data Services is announcing the public release of evalresp v5.0 on GitHub.

Key to this release is a considerable rewrite of the core engine code and enhancements that provide the following features:

* Improved support for StationXML metadata files (initially offered in v4.0.6)

* An improved C API for embedded use in other applications

* Continued support of Blockette 62 (Polynomial) responses (initially in v3.3.4)

* Improved Makefiles, build process, and documentation.

* Replaced GPL-licensed spline code with LGPL equivalent

This release underwent considerable comparative testing to the v3.3.3 release of evalresp and is found to have nearly identical output throughout the metadata representations at IRIS DMC. By all accounts, this is a solid performer that it is ready for regular production use. Nevertheless, as with any new release, we would like to hear from the user community if there are any bugs or output variances encountered that need to be addressed.

Thanks go to Ilya Dricker (ISTI), Andrew Cooke (ISTI), and Dylan Thies (ISTI) for seeing this release to completion. Additional thanks to Bruce Weertman and others at the IRIS DMC for their work in testing and evaluation of the dev builds.

Please make use of the issue tracker in GitHub to report issues that you see. Because this is in GitHub, outside developers can also contribute proposed patches through the pull request process.

Chad Trabant, Robert Casey
IRIS Data Services
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