Thread: IGC36@DHELI on "Images of the Deep Earth and Geodynamics" (abstract deadline extended)

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Dear Colleagues,

We'd like to draw your attention to the following session
at 36th IGC held in Dheli, INDIA (March 2-8, 2020;

Important dates are,
Abstract deadline: Sept. 15 for free;
Oct. 15 for 20USD;

Session 13.2 "Images of the Deep Earth and Geodynamics"
(conveners: H Kawakatsu, C Faccenna, TW Becker)
under Theme 13 "Imaging Earth's Interior":
( for Program)

This symposium intends to cover global and regional-scale deep Earth
structural imaging, the links between deep structure and surface geology
and related geodynamical modelling and analysis. Targets for imaging
include the lithosphere-asthenosphere system beneath continents and
oceanic basins, subduction and continental collision, the mantle
transition zone, mantle plumes, the lower mantle/CMB and the core. Of
particular interest are the large-scale mantle and lithospheric
processes responsible for the Indo-Eurasia collision. Questions include:
Why did the Indian plate move so fast, and what controlled its motion
throughout the Cenozoic? What controls orogeny and deformation within
the Indian and Eurasian lithosphere? How is the negative geoid anomaly
over India related to deep mantle dynamics? How is regional plate
tectonics affected by plumes and their potential surface impact,
including the Deccan traps?

Invited keynote speakers:
Jean-Paul Montagner (IPGP)
Robert D van der Hilst (MIT)
Stephen P Grand (U Texas)
Attreyee Ghosh (IISc, Bangalore)

Hitoshi KAWAKATSU (hitosi<at>
Earthquake Research Institute, Univ of Tokyo

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