Thread: Services updated to include evalresp v 5.0.0

Started: 2019-09-17 11:10:25
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Robert Weekly
2019-09-17 11:10:25
Hello Web Service users,

Recently it was announced that the C-program evalresp was updated to version 5.0.0. An overview of changes associated with this update can be found at the following link:

Today, we would like to announce that the irisws-evalresp and ph5ws-evalresp web services have also been updated to include this newest version of the evalresp program. We anticipate there to be minor differences in the evaluated response output between the old and new versions, but these differences should be considered innocuous and not materially different to the previous evaluations. Please note that no changes to the usage parameters of either the irisws-evalresp or ph5ws-evalresp web services have been made at this time.

More details about v 5.0.0 of the evalresp program can be found in the evalresp manual ( or by following the project on Github at the following link:

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