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Danielle Sumy
2019-09-19 14:13:45
Please register for the Field Trip to Multnomah Falls, short courses, and/or the following early career events offered at the 2019 SAGE/GAGE Workshop!

FIELD TRIP: Please register for the Field Trip (Tuesday, October 8th from 1-5 PM) by visiting and going to the Fieldtrip tab. We are headed to Multnomah Falls with Dr. Ray Wells, USGS Research Geologist Emeritus, to learn about the Columbia Gorge. Cost is $35 and lunch is provided.

SHORT COURSES: Please register for the following short courses, to take place on Tuesday, October 8th.
InSAR Data Interpretation and Analysis for Nonspecialists - 8 AM-5 PM; Register with Kristy Tiampo at kristy.tiampo<at> <kristy.tiampo<at>>
Strainmeter Short Course: 8 AM-5 PM; register with Kathleen Hodgkinson at hodgkinson<at> <hodgkinson<at>>
Rapid Response to Geohazards Mini-Workshop: 1-5 PM; register with Justin Sweet at justin.sweet<at> <justin.sweet<at>>
New Tools and More Data from the IRIS DMC and Beyond: 2-5 PM; register with Chad Trabant at chad<at> <chad<at>>

Details on the courses and more information can be found on the Agenda tab at

NETWORKING EVENT: Please join us on Tuesday, October 8th from 6-7 PM to learn more about how to network effectively throughout the workshop. Space is limited! Register with Wendy Bohon (bohon<at> <bohon<at>>) and Beth Bartel (bartel<at> <bartel<at>>) today!

EARLY CAREER BREAKFAST: Please join us on Wednesday, October 9th from 7-8 AM to learn about how to give an appropriate elevator talk! A buffet breakfast is provided. Student, post-docs, and pre-tenure faculty are eligible to attend. Space is limited! Register with Danielle Sumy (danielle.sumy<at> <danielle.sumy<at>>) today!

Both the Networking Event and Early Career breakfast will take place in the Atrium Ballroom. See ‘Agenda’ tab for more details.


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