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Wendy Bohon
2019-09-30 13:52:09
Social Media for Hazards ScientistsDate/Time & Location

Wednesday, October 9 from 11-12 PM in the Parlor C Room

Wendy Bohon, IRIS
Beth Bartel, UNAVCO

Social media can be a powerful instrument for the dissemination of hazards
information before, during and after natural hazard events. Research has
shown that even passive exposure to information can change public
perceptions and behavior and so using social media as a science
communication tool can potentially help improve resilience in at-risk
communities. Additionally, because social media is a two-way communication
method it can be used to answer questions, provide feedback and dispel
rumors during a hazards event in real-time. However, hazards scientists
that are using social media for science communication purposes need to be
aware of the additional roles and responsibilities specific to this task,
including empathetic response, appropriate “chains of command”, consistent
messaging, and the communication of uncertainty. In this SIG we will
outline the current social media environment and discuss best practices for
using social media for hazards communication.


- Social Media Basics
- Social Media and Hazards Communication
- Problems, Pitfalls and Potential
- Best Practices
- Group Discussion and Questions

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