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Started: 2019-10-02 13:07:27
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Andrew Newman
2019-10-02 13:07:27

Seafloor Geodesy as a Community Resource

Date/Time & Location

Wednesday, October 9th from 11-12 PM in the Galleria South Room


Noel Bartlow, UC-Berkeley
David Schmidt, Univ. of Washington
Andrew Newman, Georgia Tech


The community has identified seafloor geodesy as a desirable resource
to study dynamic offshore geological processes. This SIG will explore
what seafloor geodetic instruments, including GNSS-Acoustic and
seafloor pressure, and methodologies are of greatest interest to the
community, and the different means by which individual researchers might
access these tools.  We envision discussions of how a community
seafloor geodetic facility might operate, including as a pool of
instruments available for individual PI-teams, or by larger community
experiments. We will also explore methods to best ready the community to
successfully propose and carryout seafloor geodetic experiments, once a
facility is developed. We offer this time for the community to discuss
new ideas for the use and development of community infrastructure for
seafloor geodesy, possibly expanding upon individual or small PI-team needs.

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