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Started: 2019-10-03 14:14:14
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2019-10-03 14:14:14
Dear MUSTANG Databrowser Users,

We have added a new plot type to the MUSTANG Databrowser: “gap duration plots”. This plot type stacks 3 plots: gap duration (in seconds) vs. date, gap duration vs. time of day (00:00-24:00), and a histogram of gap duration. For stations that are experiencing large numbers of gaps, patterns in duration, date, and time of day may assist in diagnosing the causes and planning maintenance (Poindexter, S.D., R. Pena, and R.H. Martin (2017), A Different Approach to Data Availability, presented at the CTBT Science and Technology 2017 Conference). The gap durations used for these plots are derived from the MUSTANG metric ts_channel_continuity, which returns durations of continuous data time spans.

The MUSTANG Databrowser is available at .

Gillian Sharer
IRIS Data Services

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