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Tammy Bravo
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Seismographs in Schools Check-In Survey

All SIS teachers - we hope to hear from you!

Whether you are running an educational seismometer or bringing seismic data
into your classroom using jAmaSeis, we hope you complete our short survey We are due to receive new
electronics for educational seismometers soon, and we have removed some
inactive stations from our database. This is your chance to let us know how
we can help!

International Namazu Contest

Your class could be the first US school to make the podium in this annual

Episode 1 runs from October to November. The contest requires a little bit
of internet research and a hands-on project every two months for students
to learn more about seismology and the InSight Mission to Mars.

*Episode 1 is now available* (in French and English)

From episode 2, for schools registered and officially part of the
Insight-edu network, - your school will be twinned with another (more
distant) school. The twinning will be the subject of a small exercise in
episode 2!

Mars 2020 Rover needs a name!

Any K-12 student in U.S. public, private, and home schools has a chance to
name the next Mars rover bound for the Red Planet in July 2020.

To enter the contest, students submit their rover name and a short essay
(max 150 words) to explain the reasons why their chosen name is the best.
The contest closes Nov. 1, 2019. *For contest entry and details, visit
the **Name
the Rover site.*

Teachers and other interested adults can *sign up to be a judge **on this

Not in the U.S.? In January 2020, people all over the world will have an
opportunity to *vote on the nine finalist names.*

Help us spread the word by downloading and printing an eye-catching *flyer
for teachers or students!*

Read more about the *Mars 2020 mission**.*

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Have questions? Contact us at: *sishelp<at> <sishelp<at>>*


Tammy K Bravo, PhD
Seismologist, Seismology Outreach Specialist
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
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