Thread: Running an executable (not a shell script) from within SAC - is the $run command obsolete?

Started: 2010-07-22 17:15:52
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Dear All,

I recently installed SAC101.4 on my system (Linux).
Since then, I have been having problems running some of my macros. I tried
to find some documentation in the new-look SAC manual and in the CHANGES
listings on the website, but didn't see anything pertinent to the problem.

Here's the issue: I have a SAC macro from which I call a program (a
fortran-based executable) that requires user input. Up to now it's been
automated as follows in the macros:
$run myprogram

Now whenever I try to run any macros that incorporates a "$run... $endrun"
command, I get a segmentation fault.
Has the procedure for running programs from within SAC changed and, if so,
what is the new syntax?


Fiona Darbyshire

Centre de recherche GEOTOP
Université du Québec à Montréal

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