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Rikki Anderson
2020-01-09 11:19:07
SSA has added a new technical session to their 2020 Annual Meeting
< in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

*Early Results from the 2020 M6.4 Indios, Puerto Rico Earthquake
Chairs: Daniel McNamara, Elizabeth Vanacore, Alberto Lopez and Emily Wolin

On January 7, 2020 a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred 8 km south of
Indios, Puerto Rico. This earthquake is part of an ongoing sequence that
started on Dec 28, 2019. The sequence includes 11 foreshocks M 4.0 and
larger and numerous M 4-5 aftershocks. In the days following the mainshock,
seismologists, geologists and engineers mobilized to gather data on the
rapidly evolving earthquake sequence. In this session, we hope to bring
together experts to discuss early results from the field. We especially
encourage presentation of new results that contribute to improved
understanding of the hazard posed by the poorly known and potentially
tsunamigenic Muertos Trough subduction zone. Potential topics include: 1)
high-quality earthquake catalogs, 2) region specific ground motion models,
3) local site amplification, 4) ground failure observations, 5) structural
damage observations, 6) fault slip rates and 7) novel and creative methods
and parameters that contribute to advancing probabilistic seismic hazard
models for Puerto Rico.

Extended deadline for abstracts to this session: *21 January 2020*
Deadline for all other abstracts: *14 January 2020* at 5 p.m. Pacific.

*Submit your abstract here:*

Rikki Anderson
Program Coordinator
Seismological Society of America
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