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Started: 2020-01-14 16:40:05
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2020-01-14 16:40:05
Dear MUSTANG Databrowser Users,

We have released a new MUSTANG Databrowser version that has the following improvements:

1. The drop down network-station-location-channel lists now include experiments stored in our PH5-format archive. One thing to note is that these lists are filtered for metadata existence by the selected time spans. If you don’t see the network that you are interested in in the list, you may need to change the requested start and end times to dates when the network existed. We have good metric measurement coverage for PH5 experiments from 2017-2019 and we are working backwards in time to calculate metrics for experiments from 2005-2016. However, we do not have an estimate for when we will achieve full metrics coverage for PH5-format data in our archive.

2. The "gap duration" plot type now has a fourth plot added. The plots included in this view are: gap duration vs. date, gap duration vs. time of day, a histogram of gap durations, and number of gaps vs. time.

3. The PDF noise mode spectrogram plot now has the same default color scale limits (plot.powerscale.autorange=0.9) as the spectrogram web service ( This means that the low end of the color scale maps to the 5th percentile of power values and the high end maps to the 95th percentile of power values for each plot. There is a new plot option to set the color scale limits to fixed values of -200 dB and -80 dB, which matches the previous default functionality. There is also a new drop down list selection for changing the color palette of the spectrogram plots.

The MUSTANG Databrowser is available at .

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