Thread: Announcement of LACSC 2020 Opening for Submitting Scientific Sessions

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IV Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Seismological Commission in Quito - Ecuador

Submission Process and Proposal Format:

Proposals will be examined in terms of their quality and impact by the scientific committee. Submit online your proposal with care taken to include: (1) Title of the session, (2) Convener team (2 – 4 members; names, affiliation and email), (3) Session description of your session to

Proposals will be accepted up to **15 February 2020 (23h59 UT)**

We are looking forward to an exciting array of session proposals and hope that you will help us make the 2020 LACSC Meeting a great success!

Thank you for your attention,

Mario C. Ruiz, Marcelo Assumpcao

P.S. Many apologies for any cross-listing. Here are other important deadlines:

February 15, 2020: Session Proposal Deadline

March 01, 2020: START of Abstract Submission and Student + ECR Grant Application

March 30, 2020: DEADLINE for Abstract Submission and Student + ECR Grant Application

April 15, 2020: Acceptance of abstracts and Issue of list of grants recipients.

April 15, 2020: Open registration period

May 2020: Issue of Final Scientific Program considering options for last breaking sessions, cancelled sessions or merged sessions

July 31 - August 02: Pre-conference courses

August 03 to August 05, 2020: Assembly.

August 06, 2020: Workshop GeoAndes underground project

August 06 - August 09, 2020: Post conference field-trips

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