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Started: 2020-01-23 22:00:53
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Geoffrey Abers
2020-01-23 22:00:53
We are happy to announce the release of seismic data from the Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment (AACSE). This community experiment includes 75 ocean-bottom seismometers and 30 onshore broadband seismographs, deployed across and seaward of the Alaska Peninsula, for 15 months in 2018-2019. Along with the broadband array, a 400-element 3-component nodal array was deployed for one month cross Kodiak, air guns shot into the broadband and nodal arrays in 2019, and extensive multibeam and sub-bottom profile data were collected offshore.

All broadband seismometer data are now available from the IRIS Data Center ( under network code XO, and the nodal data are available under network code 8J. Marine geophysical data are available or being made available through the Marine Geoscience Data System ( At present (January 2020) only the seismic channels are complete; data from pressure gauges and hydrophones for some stations are still being processed.

In addition, the creation of a seismicity catalog is underway, led by the Alaska Earthquake Center ( and the AACSE PI group. This catalog is being constructed using the same methods as used to produce the routine AEC seismicity catalog, and will be released via the same mechanisms. It is anticipated that this catalog will be released some time mid-late 2020. In parallel, an effort is underway to estimate and archive OBS instrument orientations.

Details of the project are described on the project web page ( and in a recent Eos article (Abers et al., 2019, EOS 100(10), p. 30-35). On the web page, in the bottom left, a "Deployment and Data" tab provides links to several individual datasets.


The AACSE PI Team (Geoff Abers, Aubreya Adams, Anne Becel, Peter Haeussler, Emily Roland, Susan Schwartz, Anne Sheehan, Donna Shillington, Spahr Webb, Doug Wiens, Lindsay Worthington)

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