Thread: Special Issue in Earth and Planetary Physics (EPP): Recent Advances in Induced Earthquakes Research

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This special issue aims at reporting recent progress in the study of
*Induced Earthquakes*, which are linked to energy exploration and
production in many regions. The collection seeks to provide up-to-date
perspectives on how to better understand the mechanisms of induced
earthquakes and strategies on how to prevent large, damaging earthquakes
and mitigate associated hazards and risks.


Topics include, but are not limited to, observations, numerical
modeling, statistical analysis, and any other related investigations of
induced earthquakes.


Special issue call for papers: December 1^st , 2019

*Submission deadline: July 31^st 2020*

Special issue completion: December 31^st 2020

All accepted papers will be handled immediately after submission, and
will appear online as soon as it is accepted.

EPP is an open access journal. EPP’s electronic version is hosted online
by the AGU with Wiley. All submitted manuscripts are subject to
peer-review before being considered for publication. EPP uses
Scholarone’s online submission system. For this special issue, EPP will
not charge any publication fees.

Editorial Office

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Guest Editors:

Hongfeng Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yajing Liu, McGill University

Rebecca Harrington, Ruhr-Universitt Bochum

Xiaowei Chen, University of Oklahoma

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