Thread: Goldschmidt 2020: Session 02b: The Core of the Earth and Other Rocky Bodies

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Dear Colleagues -

We invite those of you interested in aspects of the formation and evolution of the core of the Earth and other rocky bodies to submit an abstract to our Goldschmidt 2020 session 02b, "The core of the Earth and Other Rocky Bodies," whose details of which are listed below. Peter Driscoll (Carnegie Science) will be our keynote speaker.

The abstract submission deadline is February 14, 2020. We hope to see you in Hawai’i. See for further info.

02b: The Core of the Earth and Other Rocky Bodies
Keynote: Peter Driscoll (Carnegie Science)
Conveners: George Helffrich (Tokyo Tech), Dan Frost (U. Bayreuth)

Like a state of bankruptcy, metallic cores form gradually and then suddenly. As
undifferentiated precursors heat, partially melt, and drain liquid metal alloy
to their centers, they meanwhile suffer impacts from other bodies,
differentiated or not. The separation of metal from silicate and gas leads to
element partitioning and changes in the body's chemistry and rheology that has
dynamical and chemical outcomes. Dynamos rev up, radiometric systems emerge,
layering appears, atmospheres flee or hug parent bodies, metal and silicate
trade unwanted elements, and a planet's unique personality develops. This
session invites participation from all stages of the core formation and
evolution process of Earth and its solar and extrasolar analogues. We welcome
those investigating core composition, early and mature dynamos in planets and
rocky bodies, metal composition effects on space geodetic observables, volatile
retention in metal alloys, metal/silicate ratios in rocky bodies,
metal/silicate and metal/gas element partitioning at high pressure or
temperatures, crystallization regimes in metal-light element systems, particle
physics composition estimation, and validation of computational methodologies
for the physical properties of liquid iron alloys.

George Helffrich

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