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Started: 2020-02-18 03:47:16
Last activity: 2020-02-18 03:47:16
Katie Jacobs
2020-02-18 03:47:16

I've been trying to download some restricted data from NZ3D FWI. I just returned to a script that I haven't used for awhile, but now it is returning a message that FDSNNoDataException: No data available for request.
I'm almost positive there is data. I've tried different dates and times within the deployment time period, but I can't seem to get data for any times/stations now. I can get an inventory and it lists the stations I expect, but I haven't been able to download waveforms.

This is a restricted dataset, but I've set up the client to take a username and password. I checked changing the password, and it gives me a different message that I need authorization so I'm confident the username/password are correct. I've put a rough example of code below. Is there another place I have to enter the password or something else I'm doing wrong?
Thanks for your help

From obspy.clients.fdsn import Client as FDSN_Client
From obspy import UTCDateTime

Rclient=FDSN_Client("IRIS",user=username, password=password)
St=Rclient.get_waveforms("3C","BC12","*","HH*", Etime, E2)#Same No data message for other times, other stations, wildcard stations "*", "BC*", "BS*"

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