Thread: ESC 2020 Call for Abstracts: Session 5 "The structure of the central Mediterranean: insights from seismological and geophysical data"

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Dear colleagues,
I would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the Session 05 "The
structure of the central Mediterranean: insights from seismological and
geophysical data" present at the 37th General Assembly of the European
Seismological Commission (Corfu, Greece, 6 - 11 September, 2020).

The deadline for the abstracts submission is on April 12, 2020.

Please find below the abstract of the session, whereas further
information can be found at the webpage of the Conference:

The form for abstract submission is available at the following link:

Session 5: The structure of the central Mediterranean: insights from
seismological and geophysical data

The mountain chains of the Central Mediterranean (the Apennines, the
Alps, Dinarides, Albanides, Hellenides) are shaped and modeled by the
complex tectonic processes induced by the relative movements and
collision of several different microplates. The intense onshore and
offshore seismic activity puts at risk the rich cultural heritage
characterizing the entire region. A better understanding of the
lithospheric and crustal structures coupled with the knowledge about the
interaction between different tectonic units is the key to unravel the
processes governing the distribution of the seismic activity. In the
last years, seismological field projects (e.g., AlpArray and its
complementary seismic experiments) collected new top-quality
seismological data thus bringing new insight into the
Alps-Apennines-Carpathians-Dinarides orogenic system. One of the aims of
this session is to present the research stemming from these field
projects thus encouraging future research proposals to extend this
desirable approach to other parts of the circum-Mediterranean region.We
aim to collect contributions from the Earth Science community to
highlight new and recent results identifying and bringing on key open
questions related to the structure and dynamics of the tectonic plates
in the central Mediterranean. We also aim to shed light on still
unresolved questions about collision vergence and the relative motions
of the plates. We welcome disciplinary and multidisciplinary works based
on geophysical imaging, seismotectonics, geodesy, geodynamics,
gravimetry, tectonics, and structural geology, from the crust to the
upper mantle. Contributions focused on other regions that have some
similarity and analogy with the central Mediterranean area, are also

Looking forward to receive your contributions,

Irene Bianchi on behalf of the co-organizers

Dr Irene Bianchi

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