Thread: NOTICE: Rollback of irisws-sacpz service...incorrect scaling values

Started: 2020-03-04 20:12:59
Last activity: 2020-03-04 20:12:59

Web Service Users-

An error in the irisws-sacpz service has been discovered. Rather than continue to distribute inaccurate information, we have rolled back to an earlier version of the sacpz service until we can resolve the problem. This will only affect users that have been getting their SACPZ metadata from the following endpoint:

Users that have retrieved SACPZ information since February 4th of this year should consider the A0 and CONSTANT values as suspect. In addition, the INSTGAIN and SENSITIVITY values may not display the original ground motion units correctly.

Our staff have restored the previous version of the service and we ask that you review metadata you may have retrieved in the past month. You should find that the output now correctly reflects the scaling constants. We will also improve our evaluation processes for the subsequent release of the sacpz service.

-IRIS Data Services
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