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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of conveners Helge Gonnermann (Rice Univ.) and Kyle Anderson (USGS), we invite you to apply for the MCS RCN's Volcanic Systems Modeling Workshop, to take place at Portland State University from July 16-19, 2020. Full details can be found on our website:

The workshop will focus on the subsurface aspects of volcanic systems: trans-crustal magma transport, magma storage, and magma ascent towards eruption. We invite participation by scientists from the full spectrum of volcanic systems science with interest in a future Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction Zone Science (MCS)<

A Modeling Collaboratory could improve our ability to model volcanic systems and integrate observations with models. To this end the workshop will bring together a diverse group of scientists, with the goal of identifying needs and opportunities related to the modeling of volcanic processes at various spatial and temporal scales, and within a future integrative community modeling framework for subduction zones.

We have assembled an excellent array of speakers across four sessions, including an introductory session aimed toward early career scientists but open to all:
| Overview of the Arc-Scale Volcanic System (Introductory Session)
Tom Sisson (USGS), Matt Pritchard (Cornell Univ.) and Mike Poland (USGS)

| Deep Magma Supply, Storage, and Transport
Emilie Hooft (Univ. of Oregon), Matthew Jackson (Imperial College London), George Bergantz (Univ. of Washington), Madison Myers (Montana State Univ.)

| Magma Storage
Christian Huber (Brown Univ.), Mark Ghiorso (OFM Research), Hélène Le Mével (DTM), Philipp Ruprecht (UNR)

| Shallow Magma Transport and Eruption
Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi (INGV Pisa), Diana Roman (DTM), Eleonora Rivalta (GFZ), Mary Grace Bato (JPL)
| Keynote
Paul Segall (Stanford Univ.)

We encourage you to apply here: The application will be open through April 17. Some travel support will be available to those who need it.

Gabriel Lotto, PhD
Program Manager
Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction RCN
Institute for Geophysics
The University of Texas at Austin

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