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Started: 2020-03-26 16:05:05
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Kimberly Bail
2020-03-26 16:05:05
Dear Friends,

Please see the announcement from Stefan below about an important change to
our Earthworm course that we believe may be more convenient for students at
this time.

Hi All -

We are thinking this year instead of having an Earthworm course in New
York State which historically runs one week (4 1/2 full days) -- having
an online Earthworm course in June for two weeks which would be 9
half-days. This would allow students to attend to other work the other
half of the day, and not be sitting with a headset in their ear for 8
hours straight. And it would also mean students on the other side of the
world would only have 4 late night hours.

The course would be taught live by two instructors in an online video
conference format. We would share screens to deliver PowerPoint
presentations on one screen and show running and configuring Earthworm
on another screen. If students have trouble, they can share their
screens. Instructors can help and the whole class can watch the fix.

To express interest, or give feedback on what format would work best for
you, complete our short contact form

The course provides an expert’s insight into the system. You will learn
tricks and tips from our decades of experience operating and programming
Earthworm. You will learn how to set up regional automatic earthquake
detection with the latest release of Earthworm. This course will be
useful to anyone setting up, managing, tuning, or developing for an
Earthworm system.

Here's a description of the course before we decided to consider running
it online:

A prerequisite for taking the online course would be to have a computer
with two displays.


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