Thread: Upcoming CIG Webinar on Thursday, April 16 @11a PT: Geodynamic Inversion (Boris Kaus, Tobias Baumann, Georg Reuber, Anton Popov)

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Dear Colleagues,

The third presentation of the 2019-2020 CIG webinar series will be held next Thursday, April 16 from 11 AM -1 PM Pacific Time.

In contrast to previous years, the 2019-2020 webinar series highlights the cutting edge observations, data sets, and new quantitative methods that drive geodynamic modelling investigations.

The webinar on April 16 will be presented by Boris Kaus, Tobias Baumann, Georg Reuber, Anton Popov (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz) on Geodynamic inversion: Methods to link models with data & how that helps to obtain insights in the physics and rheology of the lithosphere:

In order to link geodynamic forward models with geological and geophysical data, inverse modelling strategies are required. Here, we will discuss the basic principles behind the two main inversion approaches: Sampling-based (statistical) and gradient-based (deterministic) inversion. We will show the advantages and disadvantages of each approach related to geodynamical inverse problems. We will also explain the adjoint method, which is a particularly efficient way to compute the pointwise gradient of the misfit function with respect to model parameters. The gradients are not only useful for inversions but can also be employed to 1) automatically determine the key model parameters (and scaling laws) for a particular geodynamic simulation and 2) can be used to compute geodynamic sensitivity kernels that visually show where changes in the setup have a key impact, on, for example, the surface velocity. Finally, we will discuss a detailed example that shows how geodynamic inversion can be used to constrain the rheology of the lithosphere.

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As this webinar may be of interest to the broader Earth Sciences community, we encourage forwarding this announcement on to additional mailing lists or colleagues that may not normally receive CIG announcements.
We look forward to your attendance and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Best wishes,
John Naliboff
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics

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