Thread: CIG 2020-2021 Speaker Series: J. Austermann and J. Suckale

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20 April 2020

Dear Community,

We are pleased to introduce the 2020-2021 CIG Distinguished Speakers:

Asst. Prof. Jacqueline Austermann, Columbia University
How mantle flow changes sea level and ice sheets

Asst. Prof. Jenny Suckale, Stanford University
To slide or to flow: Studying extremes in different natural systems sheds light on common physical processes

The CIG Speakers Series seeks to promote computational modeling in geodynamics and related earth science disciplines. Speakers are drawn from a diverse pool of experts with exceptional capability to communicate the power of computation for understanding the dynamic forces that shape the surface and operate in the interior of our planet. Lectures are aimed at a broad scientific audience suitable for departmental or university colloquia series, and similar venues. Institutions with strong math and computational science departments or with diverse populations that are underrepresented in STEM are encouraged to apply

Speakers will be available to meet with students and faculty during their visit. We encourage applications to host speakers from a wide range of disciplines and undergraduate institutions that increase the diversity of our community. Due to current travel restrictions, the program will be adjusted for the 2020-2021 academic year accordingly to meet the goals of the program and its participants.

Interested in hosting speaker? More information can be found on our website:
Apply before June 1, 2020 for full consideration by sending an inquiry to:

speakers<at> <speakers<at>>

Please feel to forward and share this email with others.


Lorraine Hwang, Ph.D. - Director
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics

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