Thread: PhD position in monitoring crustal velocity changes (University of Grenoble)

Started: 2020-04-27 09:58:55
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Institution: ISTERRE CNRS (Grenoble)
Open Until: 2020-08-31

The Institute of Earth Science of the University of Grenoble (FRANCE) seeks a highly-motivated, high-potential applicant for a PhD position to join the ERC MONIFAULT research project ( led by Piero Poli ( The PhD student will perform integrated analyses of geophysical data to deepen the understanding of the variation of the physical property of crustal rocks induced by transient forcing (e.g. seasonal loadings, aseismic deformations). The focus of the study will be the Apennines region (ITALY), with the goal of understanding the interplay of tectonic and non-tectonic forcing, and their potential role in controlling seismicity.

PhD research and responsibilities will include:

• Analysis of continuously recorded seismic data for reconstruction of Green’s function, and estimation of seismic velocity variation.
• Analysis of geodetic and other data to estimate the causes of velocity variation in the crustal volume.
• Use of machine learning methods for separation of the tectonic component of velocity variations from others (e.g. seasonal vel. Variations).

The findings will help to gain new insights into the physics of earthquakes nucleation and transient tectonic deformation.

The successful candidate must have a MSc (or equivalent) in Earth Science, Physics or Engineering. To apply: a letter of motivation, a CV, and at least 2 letters of recommendation should be sent to piero.poli<at>

Tentative starting date: 1st October 2020
Duration: 3 Years
Application deadline: Until position is filled

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