Thread: Few considerations on the submission of white papers to NSF in response to the DCL on SAGE and GAGE facilities

Started: 2020-05-13 19:04:59
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Dear IRIS/UNAVCO colleague,

If you are still contemplating whether to send a white paper in response to the NSF Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on the “Competition of Operations of an NSF-supported Geophysical Facility to Succeed the GAGE and SAGE Facilities” (, I would like you to consider the following points:

* The importance of sending white papers in response to NSF requests is often overlooked. However, at this time of transition for both NSF and the geodetic and seismic communities your input is critical and will be used to shape the facilities available for your future research and educational needs. It is also important that NSF hears from a large cross section of the community. Don’t take for granted that your needs or point of view will be effectively articulated by others.
* Because the competition has been announced for a unified geophysical facility, there is much enthusiasm in the community about the existing and nascent opportunities that this marriage will bring. However, transformative, exciting and important science takes place also outside the overlapping space between geodesy and seismology. It is up to us, the community of scientists and researchers, to make sure that the focus on these science topics is not lost in the process of consolidation, and that the future geophysical facility is structured to support the entire breadth and depth of science needed by the community.
* Please consider how pervasive is the use of SAGE and GAGE facilities in your everyday life, whether at a large or small academic or research institution, from the field to the classroom. I encourage you to tell NSF in a white paper how SAGE and GAGE equipment, data and products are critical to your academic career, and to your scientific and educational goals.

NSF is encouraging comments as a pdf document ranging from a short note to max 3 pages in length to be sent to Maggie Benoit at earfacilities<at><earfacilities<at>>.

All the best,

Beatrice Magnani

PASSCAL Standing Committee Chair, SAGE facility user
Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
Ph. 214-768-1751 Fx. 214-768-2701

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