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Mauricio Ciudad-Real
2020-05-21 21:31:06
Dear IRIS Webmaster,

Please consider Kinemetrics Webinar Series announcement below for the IRIS Webinars List.


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Subject: Introducing the Kinemetrics Information Series Webinars



Upcoming Kinemetrics Information Series

Webinar Wednesdays!

Kinemetrics has been at the forefront of providing advanced technologies for monitoring earthquakes and their impact on people and infrastructure for the past 50 years. Our greatest mission has always been to provide the most trusted earthquake products, platforms, and services to keep people and structures safe.
Today, the need for information on the standards and best practices in earthquake monitoring and response is stronger than ever. To meet this need, we are announcing the:

Kinemetrics Information Series!

Beginning on May 27, 2020, we will broadcast a live webinar every Wednesday!

Join us for a different topic each week, as expert panelists deliver detailed information on the available technologies and tools, as well as how leading organizations manage earthquakes.

Follow us on LinkedIn to receive information on how to register for this and future webinars and special events!


Here’s a look at our schedule for the first few weeks!
May 27: Emergency Response with the OasisPlus Platform | Featuring: Brandon Parrott, Kinemetrics OasisPlus Product Development & Marketing

June 3: SAFE Reports - ShakeMap® for Buildings? | Featuring: Derek Skolnik, Kinemetrics Senior Project Manager

June 10: Earthquake Early Warning – Benefits of Now-Casting | Featuring: Mathias Franke, VP, Kinemetrics Open Systems & Services Division

June 17: Achieving Safe and Compliant Operational Continuity with CONDOR2 | Featuring Mauricio Ciudad-Real, Kinemetrics Senior Program Manager

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