Thread: GSA/NAGT WEBINAR: Using GigaPan for Remote Teaching - 6/23 at 1 PM Eastern

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*Using GigaPan for Remote Teaching*
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 1 PM Eastern

*About this Webinar*

Gigapixel panoramas are high resolution 2D images that combine 'zoomed out'
context with the power of 'zoomed in' details. Applied to teaching geology
remotely, they are valuable web-based tools for exploring geoscience
concepts with students at scales ranging from the landscape to the outcrop
to hand samples, to thin sections, to SEM. GigaPans can be embedded in
webpages or desktop-based Google Earth KML tours as elements in virtual
field experiences, potentially gaining power when combined with DEMs, 3D
models of outcrops or samples, 360° spherical photos, or video. They can
also be used as 'virtual samples' in times when student access to samples
is limited. This webinar will cover the technical side of producing your
own GigaPan images via two hardware/software packages as well as how to
deploy extant CC-licensed GigaPans in your own remote teaching and outreach.

This webinar is offered by the Geological Society of America and the
National Association of Geoscience Teachers. IRIS is a promotional partner
for this webinar series.


Callan Bentley, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus
Jennifer Piatek, Central Connecticut State University

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