Thread: AGU session: Where is the melt during the evolution of continental rifting?

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Dear colleagues,

For those of you interested in the evolution of rifting and the role of melt, please consider submitting an abstract to the following session at AGU (submissions open near the end of June):

Session Title:
Where is the melt during the evolution of continental rifting?

Session Description:
Continental rupture requires weakening mechanisms to overcome lithospheric strength. Magma is one factor that can play a critical role in accommodating strain partitioning during continental rifting. Ample evidence supports that melt weakens the lithosphere in magma-rich rift systems, such as in Iceland and the Main Ethiopian Rift in East Africa. In addition, the potential role of deep crustal and/or mantle melt in magma-poor rifts may also be important. Geochemical, seismic, magnetotelluric, and gravity data have shed some light on the locations of magma at depth in continental rifts, and geodynamic modeling helps isolate the distribution of melt. In this session, we welcome submissions focused on advancing our understanding of the role of, causes of, and locations of melt at depth during continental rifting. Both evidence-based and geodynamic modeling studies are encouraged that may address continental rifting at any phase of development.

Session Proposal #101051


D. Sarah Stamps, Virginia Tech
Emmanuel Njinju, Virginia Tech
Micah Mayle, Colorado State University
Dennis Lee Harry, Colorado State University

Session conveners
D. Sarah Stamps, PhD
Assistant Professor
Geodesy and Tectonophysics Laboratory

Virginia Tech
Department of Geosciences
926 West Campus Drive (MC0420)
4044 Derring Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA
(540) 231-3651

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