Thread: GSA/NAGT WEBINAR: Using Virtual Landscapes for Remote Teaching - 6/30 at 1 PM Eastern

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*Using Virtual Landscapes for Remote Teaching*
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 1 PM Eastern

*About this Webinar*:

The Virtual Landscapes Project ( uses the Unity 3D game
engine to create screen based simulations of real and imagined landscapes,
and interactive 3D block models of geologic and topographic maps. It aims
to enhance the training students receive in geological field and map
skills, and to develop 3D visualization skills. This webinar demonstrates
how virtual landscapes can be used in the online geoscience classroom to
recreate aspects of geologic mapping training and augment understanding of
how rock units are represented on geologic maps.

In addition to the regular webinar looking at the uses of the Virtual
Landscapes, the presenters will do a *follow up hands-on session* two days
later that will give participants a chance to explore the different virtual
landscapes and their potential uses for themselves in a mentored (virtual)
setting. This is a great opportunity to explore the Virtual Landscapes the
way your students would experience them.

This webinar is offered by the Geological Society of America and the
National Association of Geoscience Teachers. IRIS is a promotional partner
for this webinar series.


Jacqueline Houghton, University of Leeds
Mark Helper, University of Texas at Austin

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