Thread: New AGU Natural Hazards Equity in Natural Disaster Mitigation working group seeks participants

Started: 2020-06-30 19:51:55
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The AGU Natural Hazards section is seeking volunteers for a nascent, and tentatively titled, Equity in Natural Disaster Mitigation group. In addition to supporting AGU-wide activities, the NH section focusses on understanding and mitigating the effects of natural hazards. It has long been recognized that low income and minority communities are often especially vulnerable because of both location and building stock, and less resilient because of having fewer resources for rebuilding due to effects like less insurance and political influence. We are forming a group focused on using our science to help communities and policy makers address the need for equity in natural disaster mitigation.

We want to harness the recent global activation of younger generations toward projects that address racial/economic inequality and social justice, so we especially welcome student and early career members. The group seeks diversity in subject discipline, race, ethnicity, gender, and countries represented. This is a grassroots effort starting from scratch, so we invite volunteers at all levels of involvement, including ones interested in leadership.

If you are interested in joining please add your name to our contact list at and mark your calendar for our first meeting from 12-1pm Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6) on Monday, July 13.

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Tiegan Hobbs (tiegan.hobbs<at><tiegan.hobbs<at>>) and Leah Salditch (leah<at><leah<at>>), interim co-chairs

Tiegan Hobbs, PhD, MSCE
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Geological Survey of Canada (Pacific)
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Working on the traditional and unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples.

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