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As this is the DAS community list – please consider passing this announcement to your departments/colleagues.


Please join us for the 2020 Distributed Acoustic Sensing Virtual Workshop and Tutorial!

When? Presentations and tutorials from 12-4 pm Eastern on August 10, 12, 17, with additional meet-ups and/or networking events to be added.

What? This workshop will include presentations on DAS research as well as hands-on tutorials on working with DAS data (with some activities for networking and collaborating on problems). We will also have a Slack channel running throughout the workshop weeks for participants to network, collaborate and ask questions of DAS experts.

Who? We would like this workshop to help more people get involved in doing research with DAS technology and data, so most people attending will not yet be involved in DAS research. Day 1 will be accessible to a general scientific audience. Day 2 requires some introductory Python background, and Day 3 will build on day 2.

Where? Register and get more info here: by August 1 for links to Zoom calls and to be added to the Slack channel. To ensure a positive environment, all participants are expected to read and abide by the IRISmeetings code of conduct

Please send questions to: das-rcn<at><das-rcn<at>>

Thank you,
The Workshop Organizers: Eileen Martin, Nate Lindsey, Dante Fratta, Scott Tyler, Herbert Wang, Robert Woodward, Kasey Aderhold and the DAS RCN Steering Committee

Nate Lindsey
Stanford University
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