Thread: State-of-the-Art in Seafloor Geodesy Webinar (August 3rd 2p EDT)

Started: 2020-07-08 17:31:36
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Dear Seafloor Geodetic Community*,

As a precursor to our Workshop on Seafloor Geodesy (which is postponed until 2021), we are putting together a series of engagement opportunities, including at least two 1-hour webinars, and a request for whitepapers, with the opportunity to give brief online overviews of the topics within.

The first webinar will be given by Roland Bürgmann from U.C. Berkeley on the current state-of-the-art in Seafloor Geodesy, and will be held on August 3rd at 2pm EDT (1p CDT, 12p MDT, 11a PDT, 18:00 UTC).

Please register at the below link (space may be limited):

For the Organizing Committee,

Program Committee:
James Foster, Bruce Haines, Yoshihiro Ito, Laura Wallace, Janet Watt, Mark Zumberge

Organizing Committee:
Andrew Newman, Noel Bartlow, Benjamin Brooks, Donna Charlevoix, Susan Owen, and David Schmidt

*Seafloor Geodetic Community: Future, emergent, and established seafloor geodetic researchers/educators/decision-makers

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