Thread: AGU Fall Meeting 2020 Session- DI006- Advances in deciphering the structure, mineralogy and composition of the lower mantle

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Dear all,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our session:

“Advances in deciphering the structure, mineralogy and composition of the lower mantle” as part of the AGU fall meeting, December 7- 11, 2020.

The session will focus on recent progress in lower mantle studies and invites submissions from sub-fields across the Earth sciences. (

Session Description:

The lower mantle accounts for over half of the Earth’s mass and plays an important role in the planet’s large-scale heat and material cycles. Seismic studies of the lower mantle revealed heterogeneities across a range of scales which have been linked to accretion processes, mantle convection, plate tectonics and mineral phase transitions. Open questions remain about the physical nature and origin of seismically observed structures such as Large Low Velocity Provinces and Ultra-Low Velocity Zones and whether such features could be remnants of early processes such as magma ocean crystallization, long-term accumulation of subducted basalt or pristine chondritic-type material. Lower mantle evolution is also linked to that of the surface through volatile cycling as well as to the evolution of the core. Contributions are encouraged from sub-disciplines across the Earth Sciences that can provide new insights into the lower mantle's structure and the processes driving its long-term evolution.

Conveners: Terry-Ann Suer (Harvard), Denis Andrault (Université Blaise-Pascal), Maxim Ballmer (University College London), and Jennifer Jenkins (Cambridge)

Invited Presenters: Neala Creasy (Colorado School of Mines) and Wenzhong Wang (University College London and University of Science and Technology of China)

The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday, 29 July at 23:59 EDT. Please feel free to pass the ad to colleagues, not on the list, who might find the session relevant.


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