Thread: DI016 - Seismic Anisotropy and Mantle Dynamics: Observations, Models, and Experiments

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Dear Colleagues,

With abstract submissions upon us, we would like to be sure to draw your attention to the AGU session DI016 "Seismic Anisotropy and Mantle Dynamics: Observations, Models, and Experiments" at the upcoming Fall 2020 AGU Meeting.

Abstracts can be submitted to this session here:

Session Description:

Understanding mantle dynamics is fundamental for the study of the solid Earth. However, there are still many challenges for investigating mantle dynamics due to the inaccessibility of the Earth's interior and uncertainties in observations, models, and experiments. Progress in measuring seismic anisotropy has generated new constraints on mantle dynamics, including lithospheric deformation, mantle circulation, subduction zone and core-mantle boundary processes. In addition, advances in computational infrastructure have enabled Earth process modeling at unprecedented resolution. Moreover, recent experimental advances are leading to new constraints on the deformation and rheology of Earth materials at relevant temperatures and pressures. As a result of these combined efforts, new perspectives are emerging on mantle processes, deformation, and structure. We welcome submissions on mantle dynamics, including interactions with the lithosphere and core, with contributions from geodynamics, geophysics, seismic and MT measurements, and from experimental to computational constraints on rheology and deformation.

Invited Presenters:

Fiona Darbyshire, University of Quebec at Montreal UQAM

Charis Horn, Washington University in St. Louis

Session Conveners:

Margarete Jadamec, State University of New York at Buffalo

Thorsten Becker, The University of Texas at Austin

Neala Creasy, Colorado School of Mines

Isabella Gama, Brown University

We are looking forward to an innovative AGU Fall Meeting this year!

Margarete, Thorsten, Neala, and Gabriella

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