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2020-07-27 10:31:42
Dear all,

The annual AGU Fall Meeting will be held virtually from 7-11 December 2020.
We welcome those interested in supershear earthquakes to submit an abstract
to the session below.

Invited Presenters:

David Oglesby (UC Riverside)

Vito Rubino (Caltech)

Session Title: Supershear Earthquakes: Recent Observational, Experimental,
and Theoretical Developments

Section: Seismology (S026)

Session Link:

Session Description: Supershear earthquakes, rupturing faster than the
earth’s shear wave velocity, have captivated seismologists for decades, in
part due to their ability to transfer high-amplitude ground motion to far
distances from the source location. Research efforts have focused on the
physical mechanisms and fault properties that control supershear ruptures
but are limited by the relative infrequency of supershear earthquakes.
Advances in source-imaging techniques have improved our ability to
routinely image earthquake ruptures in high spatiotemporal detail and have
subsequently revealed previously unknown supershear earthquakes. Recent
laboratory experiments and numerical models, benefitting from new
techniques and emerging technologies, illuminate key earthquake rupture
dynamics and provide further constraints on the conditions in which
supershear earthquakes occur. This session aims to combine observations,
laboratory experiments, numerical models, and seismic theory to further our
understanding of supershear earthquake ruptures and their associated

We look forward to seeing your contributions! If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact us directly at the emails below.


Haiyang Kehoe (hlkehoe<at>

Han Bao (hbrandon<at>

Kurama Okubo (kurama_okubo<at>

Han Bao

PhD candidate in Geophysics
UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

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