Thread: Problems in activating Pyweed

Started: 2020-08-02 12:52:27
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Payaswini Das
2020-08-02 12:52:27
Hello Sir,
Its Payaswini, a researcher from India, I am trying to download seismic
data from the Pyweed since long ago, but unable to do it. In miniconda all
the files are downloaded but at the time of "activate pyweed" and then
"pyweed" command its showing import error. I have tried lots of time to
activate pyweed in miniconda and anaconda but it's showing the same
problems in import error. Sir, I am attaching the image of the anaconda
prompt showing problem, please find the attachment.
Therefore, I request you, kindly assist me with what I should do to
download the data for which I shall be very much obliged to you. Hope for a
quick response sir.
Thanking You,

Ms. Payaswini Das

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