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Max Moorkamp
2020-10-14 11:10:42
Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to launch the MTNet series webinars on EM, or "EMinars"
(pronounced "M-inars").

We had a great response to our request for offers of presentations of
research webinars, and are going through them and lining them up.

In addition, we are soliciting educational webinars as a number of
people have told us that broad-based education by experts in EM
generally and MT in particular would be very well received.

We are also planning for webinars by people in other fields, such as
other geophysics or geochemistry or tectonics or petrology, etc.

We have the first two EMinars scheduled, and you can view the tentative
dates for subsequent EMinars and proposed titles for the Educational
ones at:

Our first presenter will be *Martyn Unsworth*, on "*Magnetotelluric
studies of Andean magmatism*". The EMinar will be in one week on
*Wednesday, 21st October, 2020, at 15:00 UT*.

To register for this presentation, please go to this link and fill in
the form:

We are using Zoom as the presentation platform, and currently have a
plan that allows for up to 100 attendees. So please register early to be
assured a place.

*Please do NOT register for an EMinar unless you are certain you will
attend it! *

If the numbers of registrations is well over 100, then we will discuss
with the sponsor of these webinars to purchase the next Zoom level,
which is 500 attendees.

We are planning for an EMinar biweekly, with a Research (R) and an
Educational (E) webinar interleaved. If the interest within the
community is high, we may increase that to 3 per month, 2Rs + 1E, and
even weekly, with 2R+2E or 3R+1E. We have a lot of topics and offers
that will keep these going for two years already! We can compress than
into one year if demand is high.

As with many other webinar series that are currently being presented, we
see this as a long-term activity, not one that will end when the Covid
pandemic ends. There is a need for continued education and also for
better ways of disseminating our hot up-to-the-moment research than
physically meeting.

Please keep looking for updates on the MTNet EMinar page at:

We welcome more offers of presentations, and suggestions for other
topics. We particularly seek offers from industry.

With very best regards!

Alan Jones <alan.jones.geophysics<at>>
Max Moorkamp <moorkamp<at>>
Stephan Thiel <Stephan.Thiel<at>> <Stephan.Thiel<at>>

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