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The International MT community is organizing an extended series of
research and educational webinars on magnetotellurics. Details are
provided below.

In addition, IRIS will continue to organize MT-focused webinars
following the successful kick-off in the spring. The first two are
available through the IRIS YouTube channel.

Introduction to Magnetotellurics:
Magnetotelluric Science Vignettes:

Future IRIS-organized MT webinars will include the following topics:
MT around Mt. St. Helens (iMush) - Paul Bedrosian, 11/19/20 @ 2 PM
Eastern, abstract and registration to come.
Experiences in Antarctic MT - Phil Wannamaker, January 2021.

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Subject: [MTNet] EMinars - tremendous response!
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 14:53:52 -0400
From: Alan G Jones (Geophysics) <alan.jones.geophysics<at>>
To: MTNet <mtnet<at>>

Dear colleagues,

We have had a tremendous response to our call for EMinars, to our
soliciting of educational ones, and to registrations to the two
currently scheduled.

Please see the latest schedule at:

It is consantly evolving, so check back often.

We have tried to order the Educational webinars into a series, starting
with Acquisition then Processing and Analysis then Modelling and
Inversion and finally Interpretation. Our plan is to rotate through
these topics over a year, so each year in September/October we will
begin a new season starting at Theory, Instrumentation and Acquisition
(this is in sync with the northern hemisphere academic year).

Some of the educational webinars will be on freely-available code, which
is a great service to the community.

The Research webinars are - as planned - an eclectic mix, and those are
primarily volunteered to us and we are arranging them to try to get a
balance between topics, locations, career age and gender.

We are hoping to add some Case Studies and particularly industry

With all of the interest shown we have already gone to 3 webinars a
month on average.

Two webinars are currently available for registration. Martyn Unsworth's
has already 140 registrations!

We do have to be concerned about timing, and that is that we want each
webinar to be as accessible as possible to as much of the world as
possible. However, it is either that the Japanese have to go to bed very
late, or the N.American West Coasters have to get up early. The time of
each webinar is at the sole discretion of the presenter.

Could I ask you to let your geoscience community know about this EMinar
series, as we want to reach outside EM as much as we can for especially
the research seminars.

With very best regards,

Alan, Max and Stephan

Alan G. Jones, P.Geo., MRIA, Fellow AGU

Senior Professor Emeritus
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Adjunct Professor
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

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